The Value of Enhanced Muscle Recovery

When you blindly accept that something can’t be changed in the world, you’ve already lost the battle. When it comes to improving your fitness, most assume that muscle recovery is unchangeable or at the very best, cannot be enhanced appreciably.

There have been huge scientific breakthroughs this past century and there’s no sign of them slowing down. The more we learn about how our body’s respond to exercise, the closer we get to discovering ways to improve the positive effects after each workout and lessen the negatives. For most people dedicated to a sport or body composition goal like gaining muscle mass, they look to improve diet or exercise modifications to enhance their fitness. They focus on calories, supplements, ect. When that fails to work, they may switch up their routine entirely, maybe moving from bodybuilding type workouts to strength training to achieve whatever they’re after. And for those truly dedicated, many of them want to train as much as possible. What the vast majority of them are missing is the factor of muscle recovery. The closest the mainstream fitness world comes to recommendations for enhancing it is to get enough sleep, maybe 8-10 hours a night, but that recommendation is based on a piss-poor effort to truly understand how our bodies recover post-workout.

Reclaim your recovery

There is a significant lack in scientific evidence support a lot of commonly used recovery strategies. More research into this area needs to happen so that we know what methods are efficient and effective. More importantly, we need to know how to combo these recovery methods to amplify our efforts.

Have you ever wanted to understand something so badly that you were willing to devote everything to it? I mean everything. This is the monster, the fog, the wave that has engulfed my curiosity, and has become my puppeteer, a force so strong that demands attention, focus, determination, and persistence.

Welcome to Project: RMR


Here, we forgo popular recommendations based on foggy, unreliable anecdotal-based evidence and head straight to the science. Muscle recovery CAN be enhanced and not through some shitstorm “recovery supplement” with only the placebo effect working. Whatever your goal is, be it a higher box jump, faster 5-10-5, lower body fat, higher muscle mass, and even have more sex, this project will help you. Muscle recovery is involved in LITERALLY every sport, every exercise routine type, in hiking, and even in sumo wrestling. Its simply illogical to neglect it in perfecting your body’s ability to perform any physical activity.


Breaking Down the Barriers

The Logic Behind the Project:

Muscle Recovery Theory


So how can you enhance your recovery?

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